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Friday, February 15, 2013

Shateri as important as Mughniyah

Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander Hassan Shateri, who was killed by Syrian rebels this past week, was apparently an important cog in the IRG machine. He is being compared with Imad Mughniyah.
Meir Javedanfar, an Israeli-Iranian Middle East analyst who teaches Iranian politics at the Interdisciplinary Center (Herzliya), said reports in the Iranian media suggest Shateri was an important figure who had an overt and a covert role.
One of the mourners at Shateri’s funeral, an employee of the Iranian Embassy in Beirut, described him as being “no less [important]” than Hezbollah’s assassinated field commander Imad Mugniyah, Javedanfar said.
Mugniyah was a critical figure in the Hezbollah hierarchy, who was behind the Shi’ite terror organization’s most ambitious attacks over many years.
The comparison to Mugniyah could be a reference to the centrality of Shetari’s role in aiding Hezbollah’s armaments efforts. The organization is estimated to be in possession of some 65,000 rockets at this time.
Officially, Shateri was described as being in charge of Iranian construction efforts in southern Lebanon following the 2006 Hezbollah war.
But Javedanfar said reports in Iran openly acknowledged Shateri’s double role. “They said he did reconstruction and other secret stuff which we don’t know about... those who belong to the Quds Force have a double role.
They don’t introduce themselves as Quds Force Operatives in Lebanon.”
 You don't think the Mossad had anything to do with this, do you? Heh.

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