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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sean Bielat to run for Kerry's Senate seat

Sean Bielat, whose strong showing in Massachusetts' 4th Congressional District in 2010 drove Barney Frank to retirement, is trying to replace John FN Kerry as Massachusetts' US Senator.
Bielat has filed papers with the Federal Election Commission to form the Sean Bielat for Senate committee.
Bielat has run twice for Congress in the 4th District. He lost in 2010 to former Democratic Rep. Barney Frank and last year to Democratic Rep. Joseph Kennedy III.
“He’s running for Senate. He’s in the race,” said Bielat’s campaign treasurer Dan Backer. “Our first focus in on getting the signatures.”  


The entrance of Bielat and Sullivan would create a crowded field for Massachusetts Republicans, who have been casting around for candidates after former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown decided not to seek re-election in the special election after losing to Democratic U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren last year.
The biggest hurdle facing the candidates is collecting the 10,000 certified voter signatures needed by Feb. 27 to get on the ballot.
 For those who have forgotten already, Bielat is strongly pro-Israel

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