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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Iran withdrawing ambassador from Bulgaria, but where's he going?

Iran has announced that it is withdrawing its ambassador to Bulgaria in response to being named as one of the parties behind last summer's Burgas terror attack.
The Bulgarian media reported Iran’s ambassador Gholamreza Bageri will leave Bulgaria’s capital - Sofia - and the Iranian government will downgrade its diplomatic relations with Bulgaria.


Bageri stated at a Friday press conference that the Burgas attack has "nothing to do with Iran."


The Bulgarian press reported that Bageri commented that Bulgarian-Iranians relations have been friendly prior to the Burgas attack. US and Israeli intelligence officials said in July that the terror act was a joint Hezbollah-Iran operation.
Lebanon’s prime minister Najib Mikati said he would he assist the Bulgarians in their investigation. Two of the suspects lived in Lebanon and it is unclear if arrest warrants were issued and if the two operatives are still in Lebanon. The Jerusalem Post learned that Bulgaria has attempted multiple times over the years to compel the Lebanese authorities to extradite criminal suspects but Lebanese authorities have refused.
But where is Bageri going? Usually when an ambassador is recalled, it says that he's being 'called home.' All this article says is that he's leaving Sofia. Could Bageri be defecting?


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