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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Europe joins the fight FOR Islamic terror

And you thought it was bad that the Europeans refused to declare Hezbullah a designated terror organization. This just might be worse (Hat Tip: Shy Guy). Twice in the last two weeks, the Europeans have lifted sanctions that were already in place against Iranian banks.
The European Union's Court has ruled for the second time to lift the sanctions against the Saderat Bank, Iran's and the MIddle East's largest bank.

The decision was reached due to lack of sufficient evidence proving that the bank was connected to Iran's nuclear program.

Last week, the court issued a similar ruling for Bank Mellat, the biggest private sector lender in Iran.

These rulings, if not appealed and overthrown, will considerably weaken the sanctions imposed by the West on Iran.
The whole point was that these banks are owned by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and the Guards - who run the nuclear program - are using them to pay for it.

What could go wrong?

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