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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Arab countries withholding money from PA because it refuses to negotiate with Israel

Reports in 'Palestinian' media indicate that Arab countries are withholding contributions from the 'Palestinian Authority' because it refuses to negotiate with Israel.
Informed Palestinian sources said yesterday that several Arab countries offered ‘advice’ to President Mahmoud Abbas on a number of occasions and meetings to step down from his post and set a date soon for presidential and legislative elections.
The sources told Quds Net that Abu Mazen was facing pressures from Arab countries to step down, attributing this pressure on him to Abu Mazen’s ‘firm stances towards negotiations with Israel and his adherence to his basic conditions for resuming the negotiations process.”
The sources revealed that Abbas has turned down several Arab offers, saying that the financial siege from which the PA is suffering is unfortunately from a number of ‘heavyweight’ Arab countries.
These countries have refused to transfer funds to the PA and are towing the US and Israeli line in trying to undermine Abu Mazen’s authorities and embarrass him in front of his people, all so that he would back down from his conditions and accept solutions being put on the table.
According to these sources, “Arab and Gulf states” informed Abbas literally that they would not support the PA as long as his positions did not change.

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At 12:15 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israeli politicians are morons in propping up the PA.

Then again, one is embarrassed for Jewish intelligence! What could go wrong indeed


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