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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Why the pride?

On Tuesday, Israel's Foreign Ministry proudly announced that our country has joined UNICEF's executive board. I have to wonder why they're so proud.
Israel’s term as member of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Executive Board begins on 1 January 2013. This is the third time that Israel has served on the Executive Board of this prestigious and important organization, after a break of over 40 years.

UNICEF, which operates in approximately 200 countries, is a humanitarian rescue organization that is concerned with children’s health around the world, and supplies them with clean water, proper nutrition, education, humanitarian relief in disaster zones and more.
The announcement goes on to describe the history of Israel's relations with UNICEF, all of which predates 1965 except for this:
Israel has an excellent network of connections with the organization. The Israeli Fund for UNICEF, operating from Tel Aviv, has raised millions of shekels for the organization’s activities for the benefit of children around the world. Israel also cooperates with the organization in various areas of assistance projects in Third World countries.
Given UNICEF's record over the past several years, one has to wonder why the pride at the Foreign Ministry. Here are some examples:
UNICEF sponsors of 'Palestinian' summer camps to educate children in terrorism.

Yes, the same camps that are named after terrorists.

UNICEF refused to accept donations from Lev Leviev because he controls a corporation that builds Jewish homes beyond the 1949 armistice lines.

UNICEF sponsored an advertisement that called for boycotting Israel (pictured above).

UNICEF routes donations through Iran's Bank Melli, which is subject to sanctions.

UNICEF accepts donations from a charity that's connected to al-Qaeda and the Taliban.
Are those enough reasons for Israel not to be involved with UNICEF?

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