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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Washington's 'Palestinian' problem

Washington DC seems to have its very own 'Palestinian' problem.

When the 'Palestinians' throw rocks at buses and cars in Israel, that's deemed to be 'non-violent protest' by the United States, but also by Israel.

Somehow, when the  rocks are thrown at American buses and cars, they are suddenly 'dangerous' and against the law.

Well, yes, they are dangerous and they are against the law in Israel too.
Metro says that Metrobuses traveling in parts of Southeast Washington are being pelted with rocks. As part of a campaign to discourage this, police are distributing a flier reminding people not to throw rocks at buses or cars.
Don't throw rocks flier.
The Metro Transit Police and Metropolitan Police Department have been distributing the flier, which features a reminder that throwing rocks at vehicles is a crime. It also includes 911 as well as numbers for D.C. police (202-727-9099) and the transit police (202-962-2121, which riders may or may not recognize as the number repeated in system-wide announcements). 
The transit agency took the rock attacks seriously enough to consider cutting nighttime service on the W6 and W8 routes. Metro decided last month not to discontinue the service.
So why the double standard folks? In Washington, it's a $500 fine up to ten years in jail. In Israel, it's zero up to sitting in a luxurious facility until  the next time 'Palestinian' terrorists are released. Are rocks just not dangerous in Israel?



At 2:17 AM, Blogger HaShaliach said...

Double and even triple standards have become the norm for this US administration.

At 3:46 AM, Blogger Malcolm said...

This link say's it all


"Actually the flier tells the young savages—though a bit timorously and apologetically—not to throw rocks at buses, and warns them that they will be imprisoned for up to ten years if they do. But the Post, in an unconscious fit of pure PC which sounds as if it were an PBS fund-raising appeal, characterizes the flier as “reminding” the savages not to throw rocks. This is the way refined, upper middle class liberals confront the Primal Jungle. "


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