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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The next Israeli ambassador to the US?

My, my. Just two weeks ago, I reported that Ron Dermer was likely to be the next Israeli ambassador to the US, and why President Hussein Obama might not be too happy with that pick. Now, there's another possibility that would be much more pleasing to the Leftists in Washington: Ehud Barak.
Ehud Barak is in Washington Wednesday on a four-day trip in which he’ll be meeting with senior officials on security matters. But some in Israel think his visit could be a preview of Barak’s future position in government.
Arik Elman, an Israeli-based political commentator and Algemeiner blogger said that rumors have begun to circulate that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu might move to appoint Barak to the position of Israeli ambassador to the United States. “These are the kind of rumors going around,” Elman said. “If Netanyahu will not be able to convince Barak to return as Defense Minister, then he will try to appoint him as ambassador to the U.S.”
In November Barak said that he was quitting politics to spend more time with his family. However, many in Israel think that there’s still the possibility he could serve in the next government if Netanyahu is re-elected.

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At 8:46 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Ehud Barak, while I'm pretty sure he's too far left on the economic scale for my tastes, nevertheless did a seemingly stellar job organizing military coordination in past years. His assignment would bring a tiny tiny bit of relief to my mind that wonders WTH Israel is thinking these days. Hmm... although I think he may be all in for the Green $lu$h, which is a casino gamble on Israel's life expectancy, given the probable cost of the $$.


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