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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Peres admits Israel has 'nuclear option,' says that you have to make love and peace 'with your eyes closed'

There's a lengthy interview by Ronen Bergman with Shimon Peres that is going to be in the Sunday Times Magazine. For my money, there are four big points here and I disagree with him on all of them:

1. Peres blasts Netanyahu for not doing more to make peace with the 'Palestinians' and  'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen, whom he regards as an 'excellent partner for peace.' Most Israelis regard Abu Mazen as a snake who wishes to destroy us. Many don't regard Peres much differently....

2. Peres is convinced that Barack Hussein Obama will take action to stop Iran. JPost thought that was worthy of a headline. I disagree. Obama wasn't even capable of pulling the trigger on Osama Bin Laden. What makes anyone think he would pull it on an entire country?

3. Peres says one must make love and peace with his eyes closed. I won't comment about love, but making peace with a deadly enemy with one's eyes closed is suicidal folly.

4. Among the list of actions for which Peres takes credit, he includes 'create a nuclear option in a small country.' Whether or not its true, why did he have to tell everyone?

Read the whole thing.

Shimon Peres cannot retire too soon.

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