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Saturday, January 05, 2013

'Palestinians' put terrorists in protective custody

You might recall that last month I reported on a group called the Brigades of National Unity, which was promising to bring us a third intifada. Most of the group has now been 'arrested' by the 'Palestinian Authority' in order to prevent the IDF from arresting them.
Sources in Hebron said that most of the masked men who appeared in the video were now in being held by the PA's Preventive Security Force. They identified three of the detainees as Mohamed Salaymeh, 18, Bilal Salaymeh, 18, and Farid Salaymeh, 16.
Two other detainees have been identified as Munjed Ahmaro, 19, and Izzadin Tabaneh, 17.
The families of the detainees said they have been told by PA security officers that their sons were being held in Palestinian prison out of concern for that they may be arrested by the IDF.
What could go wrong?

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