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Thursday, January 10, 2013

For those wondering about the snow

For those of you who are wondering, yes it is snowing in Jerusalem, although it didn't start to snow hard until about 10:30 and it didn't even stick until about 8:30 or 9:00, at least where I am.

I have no idea how much snow is expected to accumulate (the forecast that said 5-15 centimeters now says 5 but we may have more than that already), but the reports earlier of 2 centimeters being on the ground this afternoon... let's just say it was wishful thinking.

Anyway, here are some more details.
While Lake Kinneret’s water levels continued to surge, violent winds and heavy precipitation battered Israelis all over the country on Wednesday, in the fifth consecutive day of stormy weather.
By Wednesday evening, the rainfall for the duration of the storm thus far had accumulated to between 150 and 250 millimeters in the country's North and Center, with some areas even receiving up to 300 millimeters, said Dr. Amos Porat, director of the Climate Department at Israel Meteorological Services (IMS). The southern parts of the country also received some rainfall, with totals amounting to between 20 and 50 millimeters. Meanwhile, strong winds continued to pound the entire country. and snow continued to fall in the northern and central mountain peaks – including in Jerusalem.
In perhaps one of the most encouraging aspects of the week's pouring rains, Lake Kinneret's water level stood at 211.34 meters below sea level on Wednesday morning, a 16-centimeter rise from the previous morning and just 2.50 meters from being filled to capacity. By evening, the basin had risen another 7 centimeters, reaching 211.27 meters below sea level and bringing the total rise for this storm period up to 60 centimeters, the Water Authority said.


Going into Thursday, rain and isolated storms will likely persist in the Center and the South, with snow continuing to fall over the central and northern mountain peaks, including those of Jerusalem, the IMS said. By the afternoon, both rain and snow should weaken, but the risk of flash floods as well as particularly cold temperatures will continue.
On Friday there will likely be partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies with isolated showers, predominantly in the North, according to the IMS. Temperatures throughout the country will remain unseasonably cold, though warmer than those of Thursday. By Saturday, most of the country will experience partly cloudy skies and an additional rise in temperature, though still remaining colder than usual, the IMS said.
The thermometer outside our window says 35.4 degrees (Fahrenheit), which is still over freezing.

By yesterday, we already had more rainfall than the Philadelphia area had during Hurricane Sandy... but without the flood surges.


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