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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Feiglin: 'Before we worry about Judea and Samaria, worry whether we can hold onto Lod'

In a speech on Tuesday night, Likud Knesset candidate Moshe Feiglin warned that Israel does not  have control over areas that are already officially under its jurisdiction, let alone areas that are beyond the 1949 armistice lines.
Speaking Tuesday night, Likud Knesset candidate Moshe Feiglin said that before the state imposes Israeli law on Judea and Samaria, it should make sure that it is in control of Afula and Lod. At this time, Feiglin said, there is a great doubt in his mind on whether that is the case.
On Tuesday, Feiglin said, he visited a 70-year-old woman in Lod who has been “suffering day and night from persecution by local Arabs. I was shocked by the stories she told more than by almost anything else I have ever heard.” The torture that the woman faced, he said, was similar to incidents that occurred throughout the country.
“Let us ensure that we have full sovereignty within the 1948 armistice lines” before attempting to extend sovereignty to the areas liberated in the 1967 Six Day War, Feiglin said, recounting his own experience from Tuesday morning's visit to the Temple Mount, where he was detained and ejected for bowing in prayer during a visit to the Temple Mount. Police said that they were planning to charge Feiglin for his refusal to obey the orders of police to stop bowing, a report on Channel Ten said Tuesday night.
“Go to the Temple Mount and you will see Israeli police quaking in their boots from fear of the Waqf. We do not even have sovereignty over many parts of Jerusalem,” Feiglin said.
I think Feiglin needs to make that point over and over again to the man at the top of his party's Knesset slate. Binyamin Netanyahu seems to be looking for a way to partner with the Left in the next Knesset. 

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