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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Breaking: French court orders freedom of 'Palestinian' terrorist who murdered Israeli diplomat and US military attache

Israeli Radio has just reported (6:00 pm) that a French court has ordered the release of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah. Abdallah was serving a life sentence for the April 1982 murder of Israeli diplomat Yaacov Bar Simantov and the January 1982 murder of assistant military attache at the U.S. Embassy, Lt. Col. Charles Ray. Abdullah's release is subject to his deportation.
Georges Ibrahim Abdallah (in Arabic جورج إبراهيم عبدالله) (born on 2 April 1951) is a Lebanese militant. Born in Al Qoubaiyat, Lebanon, he joined the Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Factions (LARF) when the group formed following the discontinuation of PFLP-SOC.[1] He became leader of the organisation, and conducted its operations from France, where he used the aliases Salih al-Masri and Abdu-Qadir Saadi.[1]
He was captured in 1984 and sentenced to life in prison in 1987 for his involvement in the 1982 murder of Lieutenant Colonel Charles R. Ray, who was an assistant US military attaché and murder of Israeli diplomat Yacov Barsimentov in Paris, as well as involvement in the attempted assassination of American consul in Strasbourg Robert O. Homme.[2]
Abdallah is imprisoned in France, and has released communiqués from prison in solidarity with prisoners from other terrorist groups, such as Action Directe and GRAPO.[1]
In 1999, Abdallah completed the minimum portion of his life sentence. But French authorities have refused to release him, despite demonstrations in support of his release from prison and possible extradition to Lebanon.[2] His case has been taken by French organization Secours Rouge who has been demanding his liberation and organizes many demonstrations in his support.
On January 10, 2013, Abdallah was granted conditional release on appeal by the chamber of sentences application of Paris, conditionned to an order of deportation from French soil.
 Someone tell me this creep is not going to die peacefully.

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