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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

As Obama fiddles, Syria burns

The Washington Post writes that President Obama has passed on numerous opportunities to do something to improve the situation in Syria.
The logic at work here — the longer the Assad regime holds on, the worse the consequences — was acknowledged by senior Obama administration officials nearly a year ago. The incoming secretary of state, John F. Kerry, repeated it at his confirmation hearing last week: “Every day that goes by, it gets worse.” From that follows a logical conclusion, stated Monday by French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius: “If we don’t give the means to the Syrian people to go achieve their freedom, there is a risk . . . that massacres and antagonisms amplify, and that extremism and terrorism prevail.”
The Obama administration nevertheless appears stuck on Syria, unable to decide even on simple measures to help the opposition. Not only does it refuse to provide weapons to moderate rebel fighting units — which complain of shortages even as materiel pours in to jihadist groups — but it claims it is legally barred from giving even non-lethal aid directly to the Syrian National Coalition. U.S. humanitarian aid goes to private groups such as the Red Crescent or, worse, the United Nations, which passes much of it along to the regime.
In speaking about Syria in recent days, Mr. Kerry and President Obama described not a strategy for stopping a bloodbath that threatens vital U.S. interests but rather a series of excuses for inaction. In an interview with the New Republic published over the weekend, Mr. Obama wondered how to “weigh” the thousands dying in Syria against the thousands being killed in the Congo, as if all wars are of equal importance to the United States or the inability to solve every problem means America should not help even where it can.
Not for the first time, Mr. Obama also asked whether U.S. intervention could “trigger even worse violence or the use of chemical weapons.” The president asked the same question a year ago, and the answer is now known: In the absence of U.S. action, the violence grew far worse and the Assad regime moved dangerously close to using chemical arms.
The United States could do much to shape the course of events in Syria without using American troops. It could begin providing aid directly to Syrian refu­gee organizations and civilian councils inside the country, as France has done for months. It could provide arms to moderate rebel factions, so that they can compete with the jihadists and so that they will look to the United States when the war is over. Continued passivity will ensure that the crisis in Syria continues to worsen — along with the consequences for the United States.
The picture here is of a President who is too timid to pull the trigger. I disagree. I think what we have here is a President who is purposely degrading American power in a way that will castrate the United States for decades, if not longer. You asked for it America. We warned you and you voted with your eyes wide closed. You have no one but yourself to blame.

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At 12:53 AM, Blogger HaShaliach said...

Once again, you nailed it!

At 2:11 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

I agree with HaShaliach. You did nail it re Americans stupidly electing Obama, twice. And I, for one, would say the same thing about Israeli companies, universities, etc, accepting Obama's Green $lu$h and having smiles and giggles and shiny photos on the Internet about it. Reject it. And/or speak out about it just in case someone doesn't understand that they are dealing with the guy you picture above.


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