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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

$500 million less to donate to Hamas

Future of Capitalism makes a good point about the sale of Future TV to al-Jazeera in the US.
The one point Mr. Crovitz did not make but could have is this one — whatever the flaws of the Al Jazeera - Current deal, at least Al Jazeera had to pay $500 million to gain access to the American market. That's $500 million less that the emir of Qatar will now have available to donate to Hamas, or to Columbia University. That's a better outcome than the alternative that had been proposed by the president of Columbia, Lee Bollinger, who, in a March 2011 Bloomberg Businessweek article, called on the Federal Communications Commission to force American cable companies to carry Al Jazeera, access to which he called "critically valuable" to "our democracy" and to "America's understanding of the world."
If Mr. Bollinger had his way, Al Jazeera would have gotten for free what it just had to pay $500 million for. A lot of people are criticizing Mr. Gore for taking the $500 million. But Mr. Gore at least drove a hard bargain on price relative to what Mr. Bollinger wanted to use the force of government to give away for free. It's easy to see what Mr. Gore gets out of the deal — $100 million. The more intriguing question is what Mr. Bollinger hoped to get for Columbia in return for his advocacy for the emir.
Indeed. And with Time Warner refusing to carry the Arab Islamic propaganda network, that $500 million is looking even better. 

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At 5:07 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

Except now the White House will have a fully funded media arm called al Jazeera in addition to MSNBC.


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