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Friday, December 21, 2012

This is rich: PA 'borrowing' money to pay 'salaries'

The 'Palestinian Authority' is 'borrowing' money to pay 'salaries' at the end of the month.
The Palestinian Authority announced, Thursday, that it intends to borrow about $100 million from PA banks to pay some of the November salaries it owes its employees. A senior treasury official said half the salary will be paid in the coming week.
The leadership in Ramallah is demanding the convening of an emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers at the end of the month to discuss the PA's financial distress.
When has the PA ever done anything other than borrow or schnorr to pay anything? It's not like they produce anything on their own other than terrorists.

And the salaries will undoubtedly include a huge chunk for the 'prisoners' and the 'martyrs.'

What could go wrong?

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