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Monday, December 17, 2012

Poll: 87.7% of 'Palestinians' believe Gaza conflict results prove armed struggle best way to achieve independence

Of course....
The results of the recent Gaza conflict prove that armed struggle, as
adopted by Hamas, is the best means of achieving Palestinian independence
Strongly agree 55.6%
Agree 32.1%
Disagree 9.1%
Strongly disagree 1.2%
I don't know 2.1%


Part Two: UN
3- In the wake of President Abbas' achieving non-member state status for
Palestine at the UN, do you agree or disagree with the following statements?
The UN vote was a victory for the Palestinian cause
Strongly agree 51.6%
Agree 33.5%
Disagree 9.7%
Strongly disagree 4.0%
I don't know 1.3%


The UN is a better vehicle to achieve Palestinian independence than direct
negotiations with Israel
Strongly agree 37.2%
Agree 41.2%
Disagree 15.4%
Strongly disagree 2.8%
I don't know 3.4%


The UN vote will make it harder to restart peace negotiations between the
Palestinian Authority and the Government of Israel
Strongly agree 23.3%
Agree 39.7%
Disagree 27.8%
Strongly disagree 4.3%
I don't know 5.0%

Part Three: Gaza Total
6- In the wake of the cease-fire agreement in Gaza between Palestinian
groups led by Hamas and the Government of Israel, do you agree or disagree
with the following statements?
The confrontation and the resulting truce represent a victory for
Strongly agree 57.5%
Agree 32.2%
Disagree 8.5%
Strongly disagree 1.3%
I don't know 0.5%


10- In your opinion, who lost the most from the conflict in Gaza?
Palestinians in general 4.3%
Hamas 0.8%
The residents of Gaza 11.5%
Government of Egypt 0.3%
Government of Israel 75.8%
Fatah and the PA 2.1%
Everyone lost 1.8%
I don't know 3.3%


12- Do you support or oppose the return to negotiations at this time?
Support 45.2%
Oppose 49.3%
I don't know 5.6%
13- Do you support the principle of a two-state solution with a
Palestinian state living side-by-side in peace with Israel?
Support 46.8%
Oppose 49.5%
I don't know 3.7%
Read the whole thing.

In general, what this survey shows is that the 'Palestinians' are further away from peace than ever. What a shock.... /sarc.



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