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Sunday, December 02, 2012

New Jewish neighborhood in 'east' Jerusalem to be approved

On December 19, the Jerusalem Municipality is expected to authorize the first new Jewish neighborhood in 'east' Jerusalem since 1997. It's currently known as Givat HaMatos.
The first stage of the plan, Givat Hamatos A, was originally slated to receive the final approval two weeks ago during the biweekly meeting of the Local Planning and Building Committee, said City Councilor Elisha Peleg (Likud), a member of the committee. But the meeting occurred on the last day of Operation Pillar of Defense, and the item was hastily scratched from the agenda when Secretary of State Hilary Clinton arrived to try to negotiate a ceasefire.
The neighborhood’s final approval will be back on the agenda in two weeks on Wednesday, December 19, according to Deputy Mayor Kobi Kahlon, who is the head of the Local Planning and Building Committee.
“It’s all connected to Clinton,” Peleg said on Sunday. He was furious when the item was taken off the budget due to concerns about international criticism. “No time will be a suitable time [for building in east Jerusalem] because there will always be the western world getting involved with internal issues in state of Israel, and they’ll never let us build,” he said. “We need to show we’re an independent sovereign state, and we’re doing what we need to do, which is build on all parts of Israel. We need to stop playing the game when Clinton travels here or travels there and we rush to cancel the project,” he said.
Givat Hamatos A, one of four stages, will have 2,610 housing units. The approximately 4,000 units in the four stages of the plan include around 800 units for Palestinian homes built inside Beit Safafa.
We will undoubtedly be condemned for this first thing tomorrow morning. But it's so good to hear people talking like Elisha Peleg....

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At 12:01 AM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Do they have a plat with title chain info by lot or parcel that we Israel supporters can place in front of the noses of people who have been told by a slew of Leftists that Israel just randomly builds on any ol' plots? We have ZERO backup data until someone puts that up on the web! A commenter on Caroline's article posted earlier says what I've been saying... It's like you're running a suicide pact, that will end up swirling in Jews all over the world. It's like you *refuse* to compile data that your Supreme Court seems able to find when they keep most houses in an area and reject one block or something where there are issues with the title chain. Or the Levy Report. I want to know who it is that doesn't want title info or the Levy report released. Do they think it will jeopardize the Green Slush? Or are Hillary and Panetta threatening you if you obstruct them creating a judenrein state with unfettered access to rocket launching areas overlooking your population and industrial centers? It is the same every time. Please either put out specific parcel by parcel info or tell us why you won't. Thank you.


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