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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

NATO still excluding Israel to keep Turkey happy?

On Sunday, I reported based on Israeli media that Israel was going to be allowed to participate in NATO exercises in exchange for Turkey obtaining Patriot missiles for deployment along its border with Syria. But the Turkish media is telling a different story, and according to that story, Israel will largely continue to be excluded from NATO activities at the Turks' behest (Hat Tip: Joshua I).

To solve the emerging rift between NATO allies, Rasmussen introduced a new formula within the organization. Israel joined the Mediterranean Dialogue initiative in 1995 with Morocco, Mauritania, Tunisia and Egypt. Later on, Jordan and Algeria were also accepted.
Tit-for-tat vetoes between NATO allies over the agreements for next years exercises have prevented any cooperation that may assist in the integration of NATO partner states, some of whom have experienced dramatic shifts in the Arab Spring, further into the international community.
Deciding that such a deadlock would harm NATO's reliability in the eyes of its partners in the Mediterranean Dialogue group, Rasmussen has begun a new initiative to limit Israeli participation in NATO exercises to only dialogue programs such as seminars and workshops held by the alliance, isolating it from military operations. Sources also added that Israel would be barred from participating in workshops or seminars that are to take place inside Turkey.
“The countries supporting Israel have realized Turkey's determination, they see that their reprisal is of no use and it is only slowing down NATO activities. And with the recent decision from the secretary-general, Turkey has acquired what it wanted,” the diplomatic sources claimed.
Turkey has also denied any link with the Patriot missiles, as was reported by Israeli media.

Turkey's Hurriyet Daily News has a similar report.

I find it curious that the Turks act as if everything was fine until the Mavi Marmara. It's like Davos never happened.

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At 7:55 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Turkey will agree to Israeli involvement in certain Nato activities but will maintain its ban on joint military manoeuvres, and Ankara reserves the right to bar activities with Israel on its own soil. The agreement comes after Nato agreed early this month to deploy Patriot anti-aircraft missiles along the Turkish border with Syria.



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