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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Livni makes up reports and responds to them

JPost's Lahav Harkov was present at Tzipi Livni's speech at Bar Ilan University, and when she tweeted that Livni was attacking the Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu for not including a 'Palestinian state' in their joint platform, I searched in vein for news of that refusal. There was none. Livni made it up.
Livni referred to reports that Likud-Beytenu will not include a Palestinian state in its platform, saying that Netanyahu's speech was just a shield he held up on his travels around the world in which he said Israel seeks peace.
The Likud platform has never recognized a Palestinian state, and Yisrael Beytenu's most recent platform says the idea of a Palestinian state is meant to camouflage the Palestinians' goal to destroy Israel.
The joint list has yet to publicize its new platform ahead of the January 22 election, as the Likud campaign pointed out in response to Livni's speech.
"Today, the whole world knows that this speech was just lip service, a mask of moderateness on an extremist face," she added.
"The Bar-Ilan speech was a spin and a trick, and now we see the reality, which isn't a spin, of extremism washing over Likud-Beytenu and Netanyahu's partners," she said. "This election should not be about words, but about content. Netanyahu buried the Bar-Ilan speech, and I will revive its principles."
Livni said she believed in a two-state solution from the time she entered politics, adding that diplomatic issues are what led her to return to the political arena after taking a break earlier this year.
Livni entered politics in 1996, and she came out in favor of a 'two-state solution' around 2004-05. Oops.

By the way, at one point Harkov tweeted with some disappointment that she may have been the only reporter covering Livni's speech. That's a pretty fair assessment of Livni's political standing.

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