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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Declassified CIA memo: Pollard passed information to Israel on Arab countries, not on US

Jonathan Pollard committed a crime for which he has more than paid. Until now, most of us thought that crime was passing classified information about the United States to its ally, Israel. Now, a declassified CIA memo indicates that the information that Pollard passed along had nothing to do with the United States. It was information about Arab countries. In fact, Pollard's handler told him to ignore requests for information about the United States, which he did. So why is he still imprisoned after all these years? What does Pollard now that requires treating him more harshly than Aldrich Ames?
The damage assessment, which was classified by the CIA and only released today–though still heavily redacted– on appeal by the National Security Archive at George Washington University reveals that Pollard’s handlers “never expressed interest in US military activities, plans, capabilities, or equipment.”
The damage assessment further details the specific information requested of Pollard: Syrian drones and central communications, Egyptian missile programs and Soviet air defenses. The document also describes how Pollard’s handler told him to ignore a request from his bosses for U.S. “dirt” on senior Israeli officials.
According to the article on the NSA’s website the documents Pollard passed along revealed information on “PLO headquarters in Tunisia; specific capabilities of Tunisian and Libyan air defense systems; Iraqi and Syrian chemical warfare productions capabilities (including detailed satellite imagery); Soviet arms shipments to Syria and other Arab states; naval forces, port facilities, and lines of communication of various Middle Eastern and North African countries; the MiG-29 fighter; and Pakistan’s nuclear program. Also included was a U.S. assessment of Israeli military capabilities.”
The damage assessment also paints a broader picture of Pollard the man, who at the time of his arrest was working as a civilian intelligence analyst.
A detailed 21-page chronology of Pollard’s personal life and professional career, including his work for the Israelis, highlights over a dozen instances of unusual behavior by Pollard that the CIA suggests in hindsight should have alerted his supervisors to the fact the he was a security risk. One such instance occurred when, upon arriving late for an interview, he gave his excuse that he spent the weekend rescuing his wife from the Irish Republican Army after they had kidnapped her.
This is the man that the US considers so 'dangerous' that he's been locked up for the last 27 years and is intended to be locked up for life? 

Something smells here - and it smells like anti-Semitism.

Read the whole thing.

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At 12:07 AM, Blogger southcentralpa said...

I understand Michael Pollard is a cause celebre. There is hardly anyone who is more pro-Israel than I am.

Michael Pollard is still incarcerated because if he was freed, any- and everyone who was trying to spy on the United States would claim they are recruiting for Israel (false flag recruiting).

At 6:26 AM, Blogger debbie said...

who is michael pollard? kind of weakens your point if you don't know who you are talking about, huh?

At 7:19 AM, Blogger Captain.H said...

"This is the man that the US considers so 'dangerous' that he's been locked up for the last 27 years and is intended to be locked up for life?"

It is disingenuous to falsely imply, in order to whip up sympathy for Pollard, that he is imprisoned for life. How many times does it take to point out that under the Bureau of Prisons Regulations in effect at the time of Pollard's imprisonment,the Bureau of Prisons has Pollard officially scheduled for release and deportation to Israel on November 21, 2015???

BTW, how is Mordechai Vanunu doing? Still under house arrest, incommunicado even though he served his 18 year sentence after a secret trial, and was released?

At 9:11 AM, Blogger Niko said...

Not true, southcentralpa. That hasn't stopped freeing the spies who spied for China or Soviet Union (later, Russia). Only reason why Pollard has been kept this long (compared to all those other spies, who actually harmed USA) has to do with antisemitism.


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