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Friday, December 28, 2012

Britain 'deeply disappointed' they have to boycott another university

British Foreign Office Minister Alastair Burt described his country as being 'deeply disappointed' that Israel is putting his country out to boycott another university - this one over the green line.
"Ariel is beyond the Green Line in a settlement that is illegal according to international law," Burt stated. "This decision will deepen the presence of the settlements in the Palestinian territories and will create another obstacle to peace."
He reiterated the country's call to reverse recent decisions to approve the construction of new housing units beyond the Green Line along with the latest move in Ariel.
He added that in a conversation with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas last week, he had commended the PA's "measured response" to the recent settlement decisions.
"We welcome that President Abbas has publicly rejected the recent inflammatory statements by Hamas leaders, and that he has stated clearly the position of the legitimate Palestinian Leadership which has accepted the State of Israel in 1967 borders," Burt continued.
 A few thoughts:

1. Mr. Burt might have some credibility were his country's academics not already boycotting every Israeli university that's within the 'green line' 1949 armistice lines.

2. The 'settlements' are not illegal under 'international law.' Mr. Burt might gain some credibility if he at least acknowledged the matter as being under dispute.

3. The commendation of the 'Palestinian Authority's 'measured response' is the icing on the cake. Were it not for the support of Britain and other Western countries, the 'Palestinian' end run around negotiations would not have been anywhere near the event it was.

In summary, Mr. Burt and his foreign office have little to no credibility in the eyes of Israelis and will be overwhelmingly dismissed by them. Given that Britain did more to thwart the establishment of a Jewish state than any country in the world (including the Arabs), his country starts from a point of zero credibility anyway. What is he trying to accomplish by issuing statements like this one?

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