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Sunday, December 02, 2012

A new 'Palestinian' blood libel: Israel causes AIDS by political blackmail

Oh dear me. The people who still cannot accept that their founding leader died because of AIDS are now claiming that Israel spreads AIDS to 'Palestinians' through 'political blackmail.'
Israel is responsible for the increase in the number of AIDS patients in the Palestinian territories, As'ad Ramlawi, director of Primary Heath Care in the Palestinian Authority, claimed Saturday.
Ramlawi's allegation was reported by the PA's official new agency Wafa.
Ramlawi was speaking during an event organized by the PA Ministry of Health in Jenin, marking the United Nation's World Aids Day.
He claimed that Palestinians who go to work in Israel are subjected to "political blackmail" by Israeli authorities - something that exposes them to AIDS.
Ramlawi did not explain what he meant by "political blackmail" and how it is connected to AIDS.
But some Palestinians have in the past claimed that Israeli security forces recruit "collaborators" by first seducing them to have sexual intercourse with prostitutes and then threatening to publish their photos in public if they refused to serve as informants.
These sorts of libelous statements really promote peace....

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At 12:06 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hey,go back to sleep "old man!"
An please, stop spewing your lies and hearsay. Why not make some valid facts about Israel's crimes against humanity?
It's no wonder antisemitism is at an all time high!
Shame on you!

At 12:09 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

In today’s politically correct world, the mere accusation of racism can be enough to discredit a person, destroy his business, and wreck havoc on his personal life. The stigma of anti-Semitism is the most pernicious of all accusations of racism because Jewish activists, reporters, and media owners have propagated the myth that some forms of racism, such as anti-Semitsm, are worse than others. The discrimination against Jewish people is even denoted by a separate term, which happens to be incorrect and racist in its own right because Arabs are Semites, but yet not considered important enough to be included in the meaning of the phrase. anti-Semitism is not the worst form of racism, but rather an equally atrocious form of racism. To suggest that the discrimination against Jewish people is more deplorable than the discrimination against other races is to suggest that Jews are more important than other races, which is a racist notion in itself. Racism in any form is despicable, and should be condemned, but accusations of racism should never be thrown around spuriously or for political gain, as they are today.



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