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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Video: David's Sling's (anti-missile system) first interception

The Israel Missile Defense Organization and the U.S. Missile Defense Agency completed the first phase of the development of the David's Sling Weapon System, by conducting a successful interception test.

This test included for the first time a successful interception by the Stunner Missile of the DSWS. The test was conducted by Rafael Advanced Defense systems at a test range in the southern part of Israel.

The DSWS is designed to provide an additional layer of defense against ballistic missiles by adding additional opportunities for interception to the joint U.S.-Israel Arrow Weapon System, resulting in an improvement in the State of Israel's defense architecture against missile threats.

The prime contractor for the integration and development of the David's Sling Weapon System is Rafael, in conjunction with Raytheon. The system radar is being developed by ELTA Industries and the Battle Management Center by Elbit Systems.

 Let's go to the videotape.

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