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Thursday, November 15, 2012

This is rich: Assad regime condemns "barbaric Israeli Crimes against 'Palestinian People' in Gaza

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. In fact, this one is more like the pot calling the coffee creamer black. The Assad regime has condemned the 'barbaric Israeli crimes' in Gaza.
The Syrian government denounced the barbaric, reprehensible crimes committed by the Israeli army against the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip on Wednesday which resulted in a number of martyrs and injured.
In a statement, the government called on the international community to pressure Israel into ceasing its aggression on the people of Gaza Strip, imploring the free and honest people of the world to move seriously to confront this tyranny and repel Israel which constantly ignores international legitimacy and shirks international resolution in blatant violation of international law.
The statement said that the Arab people are needed today more than ever to act and exert pressure to support the Palestinian people's steadfastness and struggle in defense of the Palestinian cause, which is the central cause of the nation.
The government offered condolences on its behalf and on behalf of the Syrian people to the families of the martyrs, affirming that despite the aggression and conspiracies against it, Syria will forever remain faithful to its obligations and stances towards the Palestinian people in terms of them reclaiming their occupied lands and establishing a free and sovereign Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.
You think they're looking for a distraction or something? Even a lot of Arab reporters are dismissing this 'condemnation' on Twitter.

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