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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Ron Radosh analyzes why Mitt Romney lost the election.. While most of it deals with Romney's faulty campaign strategy (and should certainly be read by everyone in the US), I wanted to point this out to you.
In foreign policy, which is the most dangerous of the coming crises that will face the Obama administration, conservatives should relentlessly forge ahead on issues like the failure of the White House in the murders of our diplomats at Benghazi, which candidate Romney foolishly failed to deal with in the last days of the campaign, and to see to it that there is a change in direction from the failed policies of the past four years. It also means a continuing effort to raise the issue of the danger to the world of the growing radical Islamic movements abroad, to attack their ideology, and to make it clear that although Bin Laden is dead, his death did not put an end to a regrouped al-Qaeda.
Read it all.  I will continue to harp on those issues (Romney didn't raise Benghazi? Really? Pretty dumb if you ask me....)

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