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Friday, November 16, 2012

rabbi Rick becomes an Iranian tool

I trust that many of you remember rabbi Rick Jacobs, a board member of the New Israel Fund, and a member of J Street's 'rabbinic cabinet,' who has participated in demonstrations in Israel against Jewish residents of Jerusalem. He favors BDS - but 'only against the settlements.' He's also the President of the Union for Reform Judaism. And he's also become a tool for Iran's Press TV.
“Conversations about Israel often get polarized, so we’ve stopped having them. And that’s the worst kind of disengagement there is,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs, who is the ‘scholar in residence’ at this year’s General Assembly in Baltimore, also noted that “the ever-diminishing circle of who is included in the word ‘we’ has gotten so small that it’s a shame. There is a wider community that cares a great deal about Israel, but they don’t care within the narrow parameters that the organized Jewish world has framed.”
Yeah. Like these guys.

Better militant Islamist than Haredi Orthodox, eh?

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At 5:45 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

I always have to wonder why Israel doesn't shout from the rooftops that tools like Rick are not in fact Israelis. They don't live or work there and have zero to do with the day to day life of the country or the people in it. Everyone's entitled to their own vapid opinion I guess but Rick's views on Israel are no more meaningful than his view of Laplander elk hunters or fanatical Islamic child molesters for that matter.

His hatred of Israel should carry no more weight than his love of Hamas. Zilch. Or, he can grab his Tefillin, hoof it to Gaza and pray for his success as a human shield for Hamas. Or move to Israel. Or something, anything really.

But idiotic statements such as "Israel does not represent Judaism" rank up there with Saddam Hussein's 'Baghdad Bob' in terms of stark staring stupid. No one who's allowed out of the house without a bike helmet could say things that blitheringly dull unless they were paid to.

And if they're paid to then Rick's flock has to understand that they're being lead by a criminal enterprise or a dangerous cult. Who knows, maybe they want to be lead by a criminal enterprise or a dangerous cult, I don't know. But in either case they should know it and they should sign off on a public admission of it.

Here's a tip Rick, YOU don't represent Judaism. You are the opposite of Jewish values.


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