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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Obama backing Israel to buy time for Assad?

The Syrian opposition believes that Operation Pillar of Defense, and the Obama administration's support for it, are designed to buy time for Bashar al-Assad by shifting attention away from him.
Abdi said if the military action on Gaza continues, it would be with the Israeli intention to buy more time and leeway for the embattled Assad to collect himself against a daring armed opposition.

The Syrian opposition figure recalled statements made by Rami Makhlouf, cousin and adviser of the Syrian president, to the New York Times in May 2011.

Makhlouf warned that " if there is no stability here [In Syria], there’s no way there will be stability in Israel,” adding that “no way, and nobody can guarantee what will happen after, God forbid, anything happens to this regime.”

For Abdi and other Syrian opposition figures, Makhlouf’s statements were a clear indication the security of Israel is tied, at least in part, with the continuity of the Assad’s regime in Syria.

He said it was “ironic” how Israel has attacked Palestinians in Gaza on the same day Assad’s forces were shelling the Palestinian Yarmouk refugee camp near Damascus.

“Israel wants to preserve this regime which is helping ensure its security, and it is moving fast on that,” Abdi said.

Bassam Ishak, a key member of the Syrian National Council and General Secretariat, said Assad is always a favorite of Israel because he helps ensure its security despite his continuous claims of being anti-Israel.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Wednesday said armed Syrian opposition groups were in control of nearly all of the villages along the border with Israel.
 It's always easier to blame the Jews, isn't it?

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At 7:41 PM, Blogger Benyaminov Shamil said...

"It's always easier to blame the Jews, isn't it? " it was always like that if we look back in history...I saw so many pro-palestinian rallies in NYC crowd compose of muslim arabs, lefties (liberals idiots with full of hate) and self hating jews ( I would not label them as jews….they are just lunatics)


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