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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Moronic meme: Bibi did this because of the elections

Every democracy has its morons. The two above were at a demonstration in Tel Aviv on Saturday night, and their sign says '(Female) Jews and 'Palestinians' refuse to be enemies.' Funny that I don't hear many 'Palestinians' refusing. They also claim that 'children in Sderot and Gaza want peace.' But of course, since they're in Tel Aviv, they don't know that. Why don't they demonstrate in Sderot (answer - they would be run out of town once they were able to leave their bomb shelter)? But perhaps most outrageous of all is a claim that keeps being repeated and needs to be met head on, and that's the claim that Prime Minister Netanyahu ordered this operation because we have an election coming up on January 22.
Protester Yuval Itah said the demonstration was about “Jews and Arabs together calling for a ceasefire”, adding “I don't care any more about Jews than I do about Palestinians in Gaza, I don't anyone to die and it all must help.”
When asked how to stop the rockets against the south of Israel, he said “through peace” and by pursuing dialogue with Hamas
Holding a sign that read “stop shooting, start talking”, Anat Mendelsohn Machis said the war was meant in large part “to keep the public from talking about social issues, which is not Bibi's strong suit. Instead, now we're all talking about war only.”
She also called for Israel to stop the rockets through dialogue with Hamas.
A separate protest was held Saturday in Nazareth where Hadash leader MK Mohammed Barakeh said “I accuse the Israeli government for the spilling of both Israeli and Palestinian blood, and I mourn victims on both sides. Civilians must be pulled from the cycle of horror.
[Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu is mistaken if he thinks the [Gaza] operation will bring quiet. This will not happen."
According to organizers, 1500 participants took part, both Jewish and Arab.
"This operation is motivated by party politics, it was started to help Netanyahu win the election and to eliminate any possibility of serious negotiations, after the re-election of US President Barack Obama," Barakeh said.
The first question is where were all these people when Hamas was escalating the rocket fire. Did you see them out demonstrating in the streets then? No, you didn't. Why not/

Did Bibi launch this operation to win an election? The fact is that in in two terms as Prime Minister, this is the first time that Bibi has gone to war. From these people's perspectives, he would have been a much more palatable candidate if he had said that he served two terms as Prime Minister and did not lead us into a single war (unlike every other Prime Minister between his two terms). So why didn't he do that? Because he wasn't willing to make 1,000,000 Israelis sit in shelters for two and a half months so that he could make that claim.

Why are these people demonstrating in Tel Aviv and Nazareth? Why don't they demonstrate in Beer Sheva and Ashdod? Why isn't anyone joining them from Ashkelon or Sderot? I think we know the answer, and it's in the quote from the first person interviewed. These people don't care about Israelis and they don't care about Jews. They only care about themselves. They should rot in hell.

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