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Monday, November 19, 2012

Meet Islamic Jihad's 'media'

I know a lot of you have been listening to the international media whining about how Israel is targeting them. Perhaps this will explain to you why Israel targeted buildings that were occupied by the media.
The IAF strike that hit the media building in Gaza late Monday afternoon killed four Islamic Jihad terrorists, IDF Spokesman said.

Among them were Baha Abu el Ata, a senior member of the military council and a Gaza brigade commander, who was involved in firing rockets into southern Israel, Tyseer Abu Al Ata, a senior Islamic Jihad member in charge of the operations, Halil Bahatini, who was involved in the Islamic Jihad's long-range rockets launching, and Ramez Hareb, a senior commander in charge of propaganda.
Terrorists are embedded with the media, just like they're embedded with all the other civilians in Gaza. 

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