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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

It starts: Anne Marie Slaughter calls for 'retribution' against Israel

I have not been able to hear the actual quote yet, but a reader in Europe informs me that Anne-Marie Slaughter, who was State Department Director of Policy and Planning from 2009-11, was on the BBC on Wednesday morning, and called for 'retribution' against Israel (for supporting Romney in the elections?).

So far, all I have found is a podcast of the 6:00 am Global News, which has an excerpt of Slaughter in which she says that it's 'not a good night for Bibi Netanyahu' and lists 'Israeli-Palestinian peace' among three issues (the others being 'climate change' and immigration) that Obama could not advance in his first term and will try to advance in a second term. I did not hear the 'retribution' quote.

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