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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Isn't this what Twitter was meant to do?

Tech Crunch is criticizing the IDF spokesperson for using Twitter.
The strategy is a transparent attempt at controlling the conversation with a one-sided perspective (a.k.a propaganda). Rather than have media outlets report the story through embedded journalists and trusted sources, all of the early information is streaming directly from IDF’s (admittedly biased) information feed. Nuggets of propaganda are skillfully sandwiched in between key military strikes:
For now, the strategy appears to be working. Why follow a news outlet when you can simply refresh Twitter? The real test is whether local newspapers will backlash against a strategy that skirts them.
Hey Techies - isn't this what Twitter and blogging and Facebook are supposed to be all about? Isn't the whole point to be able to skirt the (biased) mainstream media and get your message directly to the public?

For the record, you can follow me on Twitter here (and on Facebook here if the person who was running it ever gets it back up again). 

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At 3:49 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

they let terror groups have accounts, so that's sleazy saying the IDF can't use twitter.
regardless of twitter - it's nice to meet another "owl" online. everyone around me is asleep as if nothing is going on


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