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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Islamic Jihad obtains IDF documents

Maybe the IDF doesn't stress it enough. Or maybe we still have too many technological bimbos. If you're in the IDF, please do not post information about your unit on Facebook or post its documents to Google Docs.

The picture above is an SMS sent by Islamic Jihad to IDF soldiers during Operation Pillar of Defense. There were thousands of them. On Monday, it got worse.

A day after the IDF confirmed that Islamic Jihad sent text messages to thousands of reserve soldiers during Operation Pillar of Defense, several Palestinian media outlets released seven documents that, according to the terror group, include personal and confidential details of more than 100 Israeli soldiers.

The published documents include the soldiers' full names, army ID numbers, their roles (such as "medic" or "sniper"), cell phone numbers and dates of birth.

Additional documents published by Islamic Jihad's armed wing, which were translated into Arabic, belong to a certain IDF division and include details on a grenade launching training course and a farewell tour in honor of former Home Front Defense Minister Matan Vilnai.  

According to Islamic Jihad, the documents were drafted in 2012. The terror group said the documents were obtained by its intelligence division.

Roi, one of the soldiers whose details appear in the documents, told Ynet that the details were accurate. "Maybe one of the soldiers in my reserves unit uploaded the list onto Google Docs. You need a code to enter, but it is easy to decipher," he said.  
Hey folks - the web is not secure. Just like we have intelligence, they have intelligence. Don't be foolish. 

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