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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hamas' 'mainstream' belief: Killing Jews a form of worship that draws Muslims closer to Allah

Paul Mirengoff writes about the contortions the mainstream media is doing in order to turn the gang in the picture above into a 'moderate' 'mainstream' organization. As we will see below, Hamas is now promoting the idea that killing Jews is a form of worship that draws Muslims closer to Allah.
Today, Jackson Diehl, the Post’s Deputy Editorial Page Editor, adds his influential voice to the mainstreaming chorus. Hamas, he declares, not only has “the support of region’s richest and most powerful governments,” but it is “preferable to the most obvious Gazan alternative, which is jihadist movements even more closely tied to Iran.”
It seems absurd to distinguish between Hamas and “jidhadists movements even more closely tied to Iran.” (One imagines that somewhere there is a terrorist operation more fanatical than al Qaeda.) But that’s the exercise necessary to depict Hamas as an entity moderate enough for Israel to work with. It’s the same line I heard from the very senior European diplomat I mentioned in my previous post.
Diehl seems hopeful that, with the urging of Egypt, Hamas can be pushed into reaching an accord with Israel or, if not, at least a “modus vivendi that benefits both sides.” As for who will push Israel, there’s only one candidate — the Obama administration.
But Diehl’s scenario presupposes that Hamas is more than just fractionally less extreme than “jihadist movements even more closely tied to Iran.” Unfortunately, Hamas isn’t, and Diehl doesn’t say otherwise.
But Hamas is anything but moderate and does not deserve to be mainstreamed. During the recent conflict, their al-Aqsa Television station broadcast this music video whose premise is that killing Jews is a form of worship that draws Muslims closer to Allah.

Let's go to the videotape.

Much more on that one here.

The reason that the media is pushing to give Hamas a stamp of approval is that the 'experts' have finally understood that there is no peace to be had with Fatah or the 'Palestinian Authority.'
The three traditional pillars for peacemaking -- strong Israeli-Palestinian entities, Arab nations ready to help the US and pressure the Palestinians, and a credible United States -- "have all eroded," according to Robert Malley from the International Crisis Group.
"Just as you can't wage yesterday's war, you can't wage yesterday's peace... We have to rethink the solution that we all thought we knew," he said at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace to mark the launch of a new book "Pathways to Peace."
Malley previously has called for negotiating with the Hamas terrorist organization, declared illegal by the United States. He frequently has been described by American Jewish critics as “anti-Israel.” U.S. government officials have defended Malley.
Malley's book quotes experts and Arab leaders who agreed that President Barack Obama faces a task that is between "difficult and the impossible" if he wants to try to succeed where he and his predecessors since 1992 have failed.
However, the assumptions of the “experts” are not necessarily factual. Quandt claimed that unlike years ago when the United States had to face the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), “Now everybody looks at Fatah and the PLO as model citizens... We had to start talking to them when they were anything but model citizens."
Malley agreed, "It really doesn't make sense for us to put our heads in the sand and pretend that Fatah is what it once was.”
The terrorist infrastructure in  the Palestinian Authority, which promotes suicide attacks and teaches that the entire State of Israel is “occupied” Palestine, serve as evidence that Quandt, Malley and other experts have buried their heads in the sand.
Funny.... The only one of those pillars I ever recall seeing is a 'credible United States'... during the Bush administration. (Say what you will but if Olmert had reached an agreement with Abu Bluff and Bush had guaranteed it, most of the world would have believed it even if you and I would not have believed it would last).

Maybe Obama will just focus on the US economy instead. After all, he can't possibly really believe that anyone is going to accept mainstreaming this bunch of terrorists, can he? What could go wrong?

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