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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

And again: FIFA to rebuild Gaza soccer stadium/rocket launch pad

For the second time in six years, FIFA, the international soccer federation, has agreed to rebuild Gaza's rocket launch pad/soccer stadium.
The world governing body for football (soccer) announced Tuesday that it will help rebuild the international stadium in Gaza, AFP reports. The stadium, in Gaza City, was damaged by an Israeli air strike after terrorists used it to fire rockets at Israeli cities.

“We see it as our mandate to rebuild football infrastructure which has been destroyed,” FIFA secretary-general Jerome Valcke told fifa.com.

“Football brings people together and we will support any re-construction necessary when football infrastructure is destroyed through disasters,” he added.

In recent weeks Gaza terrorists used the stadium as a launching point for Fajr 5 rockets. The Iranian-made rockets were fired at the Jerusalem and Tel Aviv regions.
I have not heard of FIFA doing this anyplace else in the world. What a shock.... 

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