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Friday, November 30, 2012

Europeans more supportive of 'Palestinians' than a year ago

The Washington Post printed the map above, which shows how (mostly) the Europeans voted on the 'Palestinian' issue at the United Nations on Thursday.

A comparison of Thursday's vote with last year's vote on UNESCO does not bode well for Europe's relations with Israel, or for the so-called 'peace process.'
Here are the big changes between the 2011 vote and today’s:
Five countries switched from “abstain” to “yes”: Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, Portugal, Georgia. 
Three countries switched from “no” to “abstain”: Germany, Netherlands, Lithuania.
One country switched from “no” to “yes”: Sweden.
One country was absent: Ukraine, which had abstained in 2011. It happens.
Excluding Ukraine’s absence, that means that nine European countries moved their votes in a way that suggests greater support for Palestinian U.N. statehood efforts. That might just be about these two particular U.N. votes and nothing more, or it might represent shifting European diplomatic energy away from the Israeli-Palestinian peace process (the U.S. and Israel have warned that approving the Palestinians’ bid would undermine the process) and toward supporting more such unilateral Palestinian efforts.
It is difficult to see good news here for Israel or for the U.S.-led peace process.
Smart diplomacy....

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At 5:51 AM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

Whomever pops up screaming for the mass murder of which ever Jews are convenient, Europe will support them. It's axiomatic. And not just from the perspective of their leaders and politicians. The people there - it's in their DNA. The Shoah would have been a fraction of what it was without wholesale exuberant support from each and every local population. That's where their admiration of all the Arabs comes from - unapologetic calls for another holocaust. End of story.

At 6:45 AM, Blogger BH in Iowa said...

It starts at the top. If the Israeli government won't recognize Israel's sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, why should anyone else?

The Levy report has been buried, tax money goes to the PLO, water electricity and food go to Hamas, Jews are displaced - their homes destroyed, the Temple Mount has been surrendered - desecrated beyond purification, Jews are second class citizens - unable to defend themselves while feral arabs are free to desecrate lynch steal loot murder rape and pillage.

Israel's government put its land up for grabs. A pathetic band of petty criminals is being allowed to steal Holy Jewish Land and heritage - while Netanyahu sits passively on his hands writing checks to his enemies like a good slave.

Why should anyone support Israel when its government refuses to take even the meekest of action?

Netanyahu is determined to surrender - no matter the advantage, no matter his military superiority, no matter history or heritage.

Abu Mazen - the dedicated common criminal he is - has to at least make look like he's stealing what's being handed to him.

The bottom line is that we can't expect anyone to be more Catholic than the Pope. We can't expect other countries to support Israel in a war it has already surrendered. How can we be mad when these contries are simply following Israel's lead? Netanyahu buried the Levy report. Who are they to say otherwise?

None of this would be happening if the Israeli government would stand up and say "This is OUR Land. We will defend every inch of it to the last." like every other country does.

Israel's government needs to stop begging to be loved and start earning fear and respect.

Passivity is geting innocent people killed.

It's now chic to go to Israel and play pretend radical and throw real rocks and firebombs at real people, then off to Tel Aviv nightclubs in the evening. No other country has terrorism tourism. You shouldn't to live like that. No other country would allow it.

How does all that look to the rest of the world? And at this point how can we blame them?

At 6:31 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Serbia?!?!? They fought a war over to keep Kosovo. The chutzpah of them.


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