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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

BBC reporter to lose press credentials?

The retweet pictured at the top of this post may yet cost the BBC's Jon Donnison his credentials to work in Israel.

The picture link is to a picture of a dead Syrian child, whom Donnison's retweet clearly implied had been killed in Gaza. Here's the original picture:

Donnison has been summoned to a hearing by Israel's Government Press Office for Wednesday, and the result may be that he loses his credentials to report from Israel (i.e. his press card).
The BBC’s Jon Donnison, together with the head of the BBC Jerusalem Bureau and head of the Foreign Press Association, Paul Danahar, has been summoned by the Government Press Office in Israel to a hearing this coming Wednesday (November 28th) on the subject of Donnison’s Tweet of a picture of a child casualty from Syria as though it were from Gaza – as first publicised by BBC Watch on November 19th 2012. 
Potentially, this exceptional and unusual step on the part of the GPO could lead to Donnison’s Press Credentials being revoked, which would make it very difficult indeed for him to work in the region. 
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At 8:40 PM, Blogger Max Coutinho said...


I say: well done, Israel!

It is time for reporters to stop validating Hamas and the likes by spreading libels against Israel. The BBC is extremely bias and it was about time that Israel gave them a slap on the face.

Of course, the IDF (on its blog) has already warned of this sort of situation (in which photos from the Syrian conflict are being used and manipulated as if the events described in them had occurred in Gaza); so I am not surprised.



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