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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Arab mob threatening Jews in Rachel's tomb

Before I go to this story - for those of you abroad who have children in yeshivoth and seminaries here, they are all under lockdown under war rules.

Meanwhile, both of my Israeli daughters are out with friends tonight....

A group of worshipers is trapped by Arab rioters inside the fortress-like Rachel's tomb
Tazpit News reports that for the past two hours an Arab mob has been rioting outside Rachel’s Tomb in Betlehem.
According to reports there are three Jewish groups under siege inside the structure and the police is ordering them to stay put, for fear of getting hurt.
The Arabs are throwing rocks and firebombs at the compound.
Since this morning, throughout Judea and Samaria, there have been demonstrations and violent marches of thousands of Arabs, to mark the so called “Palestinian Independence Day.” On this day in 1988 a symbolic declaration of independence was made by the late Chairman Yasser Arafat.
The Judea and Samaria rescue center reported that near the community of Efrat in Gush Etzion two Jews were lightly injured by shrapnel when Arabs threw stones at vehicles and one used vehicle was shattered.
Between Beit El and Ofra Arabs blocked route 60 and damaged Jewish owned vehicles. Ariel Koren, whose vehicle was attacked, told the Jewish Voice that he was barely able to escape.
“Dozens of Arabs and leftist anarchists with cameras and flags blocked the road and began to throw stones at my car and beat on it with the poles of their flags,” Koren relayed. “I pressed the gas pedal and managed to pass through, but they smashed the left windshield and broke a mirror.”
A Jewish female motorist driving behind Koren was also attacked with stones.
Hundreds of Arabs marched earlier in the Samaria village of Hawara, armed with flags and drums, in an event that had been approved and secured by the IDF.
The Judea and Samaria rescue center reported this morning that Arabs threw stones at a military post in Beit Omer in Gush Etzion, near the Arab town of Tekoa. dozens of Arabs gathered and threw stones at Jewish owned vehicles, and at the Ne’alim checkpoint hundred of Arabs who arrived in buses rioted and threw stones at the soldiers.
And most of that started before tonight's events. Hmmm.

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At 7:12 AM, Blogger The Kitchen Guru said...

I was at the tomb,when we arrived there were a few stones on the ground, around 9.15 pm the IDF guarding the place shut the doors as the locals were throwing stones. Women joined together and said tehillim out loud, but none panicked
the group I was with carried on learning, singing, praying together, at 10.15pm the doors were opened, and the buses and cars collected us. It was quite surreal knowing the terrorists were trying to attack and scare us carried on ignoring them .


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