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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Syrian rebels ultimate goal: Destroy Israel

I suppose it shouldn't come as too big a surprise that the al-Qaeda dominated Free Syrian Army has set Israel as its final goal after (and if) it defeats the Assad regime (link in French, Hat Tip: Joshua I). Here's a Google translation into English. RT is Russian Television and KK is Kapil Komireddi.
RT: We know little about the real identity of the rebel factions - what can you tell us and what are your sources?

Kapil Komireddi: I interviewed in Damascus rebels holed up in various parts of [the capital] and outlying areas. Some of them came from Afghanistan and they told me that their goal was to attack the Jews and it does not surprise me because I have met people elsewhere, particularly in Pakistan, m ' have said the same thing. They see Israel as their ultimate destination. I do not know if this is what all the rebels who are fighting against the government of Assad in mind, but there are certainly a part to which Syria is a step towards their final destination.

RT: Do you have any evidence other than the statements of the rebels that you interviewed? Are there other indications that the borders of Israel could be seriously threatened by an enemy more dangerous?

KK: What is particularly disturbing is that Manaf Tlass [a former close Assad who defected] is considered as a possible replacement for Assad. Few people know that Mustafa Tlass's father Manaf Tlass [former defense minister] is a notorious anti-Semite. He wrote a book called The Matzah of Zion, in which he accused the Jews of ritual murders * when his [Manaf] he was secretly out of the country by French spies. He continues to go to Saudi Arabia, but few people know its history and we should be worried that is designated as a possible replacement.
RT: Yet Israel and its Western allies are in favor of the opposition despite the warning signs that you mention. Do you think they are aware that religious persecution, which would spare neither probably Alawites, Christians, or may be triggered if the regime was overthrown and they are aware why they go also?
KK: This is the irony of the situation. I think many people in the West are aware and they are afraid to speak openly, which is why the United States are not yet acted as they did in Libya and elsewhere. I think the irony of supporting rebels could turn into deadly enemies of the West is not perceptible to the interventionist hardliners who are pushing for the West to intervene in Syria and armed opposition. I do not think you will arrive at peace if you listen to these interventionist unbridled. I think the solution is political conflict will be solved by ensuring that the government-Assad's regime forces and opposition sit down at the negotiating table and agree on a treaty peace. I believe that arming one group generate chaos. **


For those with full access to Haaretz, there's another article on the same subject by the same reporter here



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