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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Obama's deal with the devil?

Over lunch today, I told Mrs. Carl and the three children who were home that I no longer believe that Israel is going to attack Iran next week as I previously believed. I had three proofs for my theory. First, the likelihood that Prime Minister Netanyahu is going to call elections next week (to be held in February) rather than have to pay off all the small parties as part of the 2013 budget process. Second, the increasingly realistic prospect that Mitt Romney, and not Barack Hussein Obama, will be President for the next four years, as demonstrated by the response to last Wednesday night's debate. And third, the riots in Tehran last week, which raise the possibility that economic sanctions could bring about regime change in Iran.

Perhaps, however, Israel should not put away those attack plans just yet.

Reza Khalili - the CIA's former man in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (I cannot recommend his book highly enough - it's very readable) - reports that President Obama has made a deal with the devil so that he will be reelected and Iran will obtain nuclear weapons. Khalili must be considered a reliable source on Iran, and his report contains enough details to make it difficult to ignore even by those who would like to ignore it.
Iran could announce a temporary halt to uranium enrichment before next month’s U.S. election in a move to save Barack Obama’s presidency, a source affiliated with high Iranian officials said today.
The source, who remains anonymous for security reasons, said a three-person delegation of the Obama administration led by a woman engaged in secret negotiations with a representative of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
The delegation urged the Iranian leader to announce a halt to enrichment, even if temporary, before the Nov. 6 election, promising removal of some sanctions.
The source said the delegation warned that a Mitt Romney presidency would change the U.S. relationship with Iran regarding its nuclear program.
The U.S. representatives reminded the Iranians that President Obama has stood in front of Israel, preventing the Jewish state from attacking Iran over its illicit nuclear arms policy.
The Oct. 1 meeting, which took place in Doha, Qatar, was coordinated by the Qatar monarchy, whose members attended at the request of the Obama administration.
Ali Akbar Velayati, the former Iranian foreign minister and current close adviser to the supreme leader on international affairs, secretly traveled to Qatar for the meeting. Velayati is wanted by Argentina for the Jewish community center bombing in Buenos Aires in 1994 that killed 85 people.
One Obama representative, the woman, who had met Velayati before, urged Velayati to announce a halt, even if it is only for a week or two, to uranium enrichment prior to the U.S. election, according to the source. The U.S. representatives promised the Obama administration quickly would remove some sanctions on the Iranian central bank and oil industry, with further collaboration after the election, the source said.
According to the source, the woman is trusted by the Iranians, having met with Velayati more than 10 times over the past 20 years. The woman took Lufthansa Flight 419 out of Washington to Frankfurt, then to Doha, Qatar, from there.
Incredibly (or maybe not so incredibly), the US mainstream media has ignored this story

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