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Sunday, October 07, 2012

National Geographic Channel to air Osama Bin Laden movie two days before elections

In Israel, there's a rule that no candidate for office can be seen in the media in the last three weeks of a campaign except in paid (by the government - each party gets a budget) advertising. While that rule may be overkill, it's certainly a lot more sensible than this: National Geographic Channel is going to show a movie about how Hussein Obama killed Osama Bin Laden two days before the US elections (Hat Tip: MFS - The Other News).
A movie detailing the raid that killed al-Qaeda former leader Osama bin Laden will be aired by the National Geographic Channel on Nov. 4 -- two days before the U.S. Election Day --, the CNN announced on Thursday.

Titled “SEAL Team Six: The Raid on Osama bin Laden”, the film is being distributed by the Weinstein Company, owned by a Harvey Weinstein, a major backer of President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

The New York Times reported that the movie will also stream on Netflix starting on Nov. 5.
The feature-length film will chronicle the raid in Pakistan, an event that President Barack Obama’s campaign touts as one of his main achievements. Some may speculate the TV movie could portray the president in a positive image and have an impact on voters just two days before they head to the polls.

However, the New York Times quoted a National Geographic Channel executive as saying that politics was not a factor in the timing.
If you're dumb enough to believe that the timing of this movie's release has nothing to do with politics, please stop reading my blog because you're too dumb to get it. 


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