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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Israel going to new elections

Citing an inability of his coalition partners to adopt a responsible budget, Prime Minister Netanyahu has called for new elections as soon as possible. The earliest possible date is January 15, 2013, which is 90 days after this coming Monday's opening Knesset session.
In a televised press conference, Netanyahu said that following meetings with coalition partners earlier in the day, he had come to the conclusion that the current Knesset would not be possible to pass a responsible budget, and therefore it was in the nation's best interest to hold early elections. 
Earlier Tuesday Likud sources said that Netanyahu would hold elections earlier than scheduled in order to catch his opponents off guard and to minimize damage to the economy.
The date previously discussed, February 13, 2013, will mark four years since the last election. If the Knesset is dissolved on October 15, the earliest possible time to hold an election would be January 15, 2013.
The prime minister said that amid a global economic crisis, Israel had succeeded in maintaining a strong economy and a low level of unemployment. Netanyahu referred to challenges posed by the Iranian threat, a turbulent Middle East, border security and efforts to maintain peace treaties with Israel's neighbors.
He said that a responsible budget was required in the face of economic and security challenges and called on the people of Israel to re-elect him.
Maybe he just wants the Knesset out of the way if he attacks Iran? Hmmm.

By the way, some of you might recall that Netanyahu wanted to go to new elections back in April and called them off after Kadima joined his coalition for what turned out to be a short period. Maybe he's just trying to convince Kadima to do it again?

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