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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Iran sends a message to Israel

Just days after a massive explosion and fire at an Iranian weapons plant in Khartoum, Iran has sent a message to Israel by sending warships to Sudan.
IRNA said the helicopter carrier Khark and the destroyer Shahid Naqdi were carrying: "the message of peace and friendship to neighboring countries and were ensuring security for shipping lanes against marine terrorism and piracy".
Iran's semi-official Fars news agency said that the vessels docked in Port Sudan on the Red Sea and the fleet's commanders were scheduled to meet Sudanese navy commanders.
Sudan, with close ties to Iran and Sunni jihadis, has long been seen by Israel as a conduit for weapons smuggled to the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, via the Egyptian Sinai desert.
The IAF should give them a resounding send off before they leave. Heh. 

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