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Thursday, September 27, 2012

What if Iran launches an EMP attack against the US?

America is a relatively safe place. However, a regime halfway around the world could destroy our way of life.

From the beginning, the current Iranian regime made it clear that America is public enemy #1. One way to seriously damage America would be a nuke, and one terrifying scenario is a nuclear bomb detonated at high altitude. This is an issue that Congressional commissions and others have investigated, and concluded that it is a credible threat. This would cause severe damage or catastrophic destruction to the electric grid across America.

In this day and age, everything ultimately depends on electric power: communications, transportation, banking, finance, food and water. The result of such an attach would mean that within a short amount of time, it will be nearly impossible to get food and water, pump gas, provide medical care, withdraw money or use cellular phones. Moreover, without electricity, nuclear power plants melt down. If their containment buildings are breeched, the areas around them could become uninhabitable for centuries. Anarchy. Starvation. Disease.

As long as the current Iranian regime is in power, we are NOT SAFE..

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With apologies if I've run this before... let's go to the videotape.

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At 8:12 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

People have pretty much ignored this idea, but a guy wrote a book that shows, day by day for a year, what would happen with an EMP. Almost everybody dead and life as we have grown in the U.S. gone. Just read it and make your own arrangements, as Iran is only one of a whole planet of covetous countries and terrorists who want to send the U.S. back to living in the dirt.

One Second After [Mass Market Paperback]
William R. Forstchen (Author)

At 8:48 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Also, please note, C-i-J, that these things you describe will happen with Obama's policies, even without an EMP. A bunch of power plants have already been closed down, and 200 more slated for closure THIS YEAR, because of Obama's EPA thugs. Despite the fact that the U.S.'s CO2 emissions are going down, unlike the Euros', the Obama Thug Team is also trying to stop the booming frakking natural gas industry through EPA regulation. And the Solar Panel and Geothermal people (INCLUDING ISRAELI ENTERPRISES, BTW) are eating up $ Billions in U.S. Govt confiscated $$ to install systems that are INADEQUATE to produce enough electricity to replace the coal, etc. generation that Obama is taking offline (and, BTW, he is forcing them to *destroy* the guts of the things so they can't be brought back on line easily later. Kind of like how they demolished the secondary car supply that the POOR and YOUTH depend on by destroying the cars that were brought in.

Hey, we don't need to stinkin' Iranian EMP! We've got the OBAMA THUGS! Rolling brownouts, blackouts, and all the things that Carl mentions are ON THE WAY unless we VOTE OUT THIS DICTATORS.


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