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Sunday, September 30, 2012

We may be tired of the war on terror, but the terrorists and their supporters aren't

Walter Russell Meade tries to connect the dots between several events that the Obama administration would like us to believe are not connected. Here's his conclusion.
But sometimes truth needs to be told. We are killing people in acts of war across Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa and expect to kill quite a few more. We are fighting a battle first to contain and then to defeat a vicious ideology of murder and hate that masks itself as religious zeal. We are fighting this war both at home and abroad, and there is not an inhabited continent anywhere on Planet Earth where this threat is not a serious concern.   All Muslims are not our enemies — far from it, and many of our most important allies and associates are decent, pious, enlightened Muslims who loathe the hate-spewing murderers as much as anybody else — but all of our enemies claim to be fighting in the name of Islam.
Basing war policy on the denial of facts is never smart, and the blow back can be severe. It’s quite possible that President Obama will be more frank about this conflict in his second term; whatever happens in November the threat will be too real and our efforts to deal with it will be too far-reaching for the United States government to pretend that we don’t face a global security challenge as serious as a war.
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At 7:41 PM, Blogger Captain.H said...

"...It’s quite possible that President Obama will be more frank about this conflict in his second term" There's another example of subtle propagandizing, subtly trying to build an unconscious assumption of Obama winning re-election.

I'd suggest people might want to read some articles about all the cooked polls the Democrats and their Ministry of Propaganda MSM are pushing. A good start is "Commentary: The mainstream media polls are skewed for a reason" at Examiner.com. Also at Examiner.com is the article "Two Democratic pollsters confirm major polls skewed against Mitt Romney".

QStar News at http://www.qstarnews.net/ and UnSkewed Polls at http://www.unskewedpolls.com/ both have some excellent very informative articles on the subject of the Dem/MSM cooked polls. Their goal is to suppress/discourage enough of the anti-Obama voters from voting to make a result difference in the crucial swing states.

I especially encourage readers to carefully look at the charts on UnSkewedPolls.com home page, then start reading the linked articles to their left, which amplify the story behind thesee charts and their significance.


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