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Thursday, September 27, 2012

US actress suing Google to take down Innocence of Muslims (with link to full-length movie)

If you had appeared in Innocence of Muslims and there was a fatwa issued calling for the murder of anyone who had appeared in the movie, what would you do? I would think that anyone who understands the implications of such a fatwa would be in hiding and not holding press conferences to announce that they're filing a lawsuit. But actress Cindy Lee Garcia held a press conference on Wednesday to announce that she is suing Google-YouTube for alleged copyright violations (apparently not the first time) as a result of the film being shown. That means that her name and face are now associated with the film. I don't hope she wins the lawsuit but I hope she hasn't just issued herself a death sentence. Quite simply, these people are crazy.
Last week, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge denied Garcia's request for a temporary restraining order that would have required YouTube to stop posting the crudely made 13-minute video, finding the actress was unlikely to prevail on the merits of her case in state court.
As in her previous lawsuit, Garcia accused the purported filmmaker of fraud, libel and unfair business practices. But her federal lawsuit also asserts a copyright claim to her performance in the video, titled "The Innocence of Muslims." Garcia's case was the first known civil litigation stemming from the video, billed as a film trailer, which depicts the Prophet Mohammad as a fool and a sexual deviant. The clip sparked a torrent of anti-American unrest in Egypt, Libya and dozens of other Muslim countries over the past two weeks.


Garcia's lawyer argued in court last week that her client, who is from Bakersfield, California, has suffered harm similar to a person whose privacy is violated by the unauthorized release of a sex tape.
But Google's attorneys said that the rights of an actor do not protect that person from how a film is perceived.
In her latest lawsuit filed in US District Court in Santa Clara, California, Garcia says that Google is infringing on the copyright she holds to her performance in the film by distributing the video without her approval via YouTube.
Garcia's lawsuit identifies Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, 55, a Los Angeles-area Coptic man who has served time in federal prison for bank fraud, as the film's producer.
On Saturday, a Pakistani cleric offered a $100,000 reward to anyone who killed the film's maker. Garcia said in her lawsuit that an Egyptian cleric had issued a fatwa, or religious edict, against anyone who served as a director, producer or actor in the video.


According to Garcia, Nakoula operated under the assumed name of Sam Bacile, misleading her and other actors into appearing in a film they believed was an adventure drama called "Desert Warrior." After the fact, however, she learned that some of her lines spoken in the production had been dubbed over.
The alteration made it look like Garcia "voluntarily performed in a hateful, anti-Islamic production," the lawsuit says, adding that she has "been subjected to credible death threats and is in fear for her life and the life and safety of anyone associated with her." Nakoula has been in hiding for much of the past two weeks after being questioned by federal authorities looking into whether he may have violated terms of his probation in the making or promotion of the video.
At this point, it's been up long enough that I'd bet that (like with Fitna a couple of years ago)  enough people have downloaded it so that it will never disappear from the internet.

I also think she'd be much wiser to be in hiding rather than holding press conferences.


Link to 'full version' removed because it wasn't the real movie.

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At 8:02 PM, Blogger warrior said...

This woman is not me, i was only in a small part of this film, you see my face one time and my words we dubbed over, all I am trying to do is protect my character I love God and would not hurt others, this man did a horrible thing to me. He made a statement to the press that he was the one who wrote the film, dubbed over it and did not care who he hurt, or he was not sorry for his actions. The reason I am coming forward in the first place was just to take this horrible thing off the Tube. Doesn't anybody get it ??? So who ever put this face of this other woman up there as me, I will find out who all of you are and put you in the law suit. I do not agree with killing except for self defence. I am not going to run into a corner and hide the rest of my life I will fight for my rights. I am not guilty of this mess. Cindy Garcia

At 8:36 PM, Blogger warrior said...

This photo on google posted as Cindy Garcia of the woman involved in sexual content is not me. Also I did not speak the words that were dubbed over my words, someone who edited it put words in my mouth. And I came forward to clear my name of this, why does everyone have such a problem with this. If you did not give someone your permission to do what they wanted to with your likeness what would you do ?? Run and hide what a bunch of cowards. I am tired of the media putting what ever they want up anywhere they want. That woman does not even look like me, take her face off my photo gallery .
And as far as everything else goes, I did not say those words. I knew nothing of the Muslim faith. But this man did . And Sam Baciel did his best to create drama and he deceived me as well as other actors. So to everyone out there all I did was ask google to take it down. Does any one cares what happened in Libya because if they did they would do there best to take this down. I was not gonna sue anyone, I just wanted to clear my name. And I new nothing about fat wa's . Until after I heard about all this later. The thing is I have spoken to Muslims that are decent people, not all of them are angry killers. But these people are hurt over what was done to harass them and hurt them. Killing is wrong except in self defense . I will not stop until this ugly thing of hate comes down. The problem with people is there is not enough respect for others. We live in the land of the free and yes I believe in freedom of speech, but those were not my words This man has turned my world upside down, and with God's help I am turning it right side up. I have respect for others, there are many decent producers/filmmakers/films/ I love acting. I also love modeling was helping widows and orphans in Malawi Africa with the proceeds. So much of my life has been affected by this mans disrespect for others which took lives. My heart is in the right place. I went to Hollywood to develop a talent that I have in acting and to help make a living and provide for widows & orphans something I have been doing for the last 4 years.. Sincerely Cindy Garcia


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