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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Traitors amongst us: Three Israelis accused of helping Hamas to kidnap African migrants

The person in the picture has nothing to do with the story. Three Israeli Jews have been arrested and charged with helping Hamas to kidnap African migrants. Because this story is behind Haaretz's paywall and I have received it by email, I am going to post most of the story.
Three Israeli men from Netanya have been accused of aiding Hamas in kidnapping African migrants, it was revealed Sunday after a gag order  was lifted on the case. 
Ya'akov Grad, Eliran Mahfoud and Victor Siboni, who were charged with kidnapping for the sake of murder or extortion by the Jerusalem District Court and Jerusalem Magistrate's Court, are suspected of serving as money couriers for the past few months to transfer funds to Hamas
organizations in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. 
Police suspect the deliveries were made regularly, saying that a man living in Sinai made contact with migrant workers from Eritrea and told them members of their family, who were on their way from Egypt to Israel, had been kidnapped and were in his custody. He would have the
family members speak to the migrant workers over the phone in order to substantiate his claim, and tell them that in return for releasing their relatives, the migrant workers in Israel must give large sums of money to the two men, who they must meet at Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station. 
Following that, according to police, the men transferred the money to East Jerusalem residents who then delivered it to its final destinations. 
Two others were arrested in addition to the Netanya men: a Jewish minor who was released to house arrest and Louis Nasr ad-Din, a Palestinian resident of East Jerusalem, suspected of transferring the money to Hamas.A prosecutor's statement was served against ad-Din on Sunday by the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court and his remand extended by five days. 
Jerusalem police estimate that tens of thousands of shekels were secretly transferred for Hamas in this fashion.
 Great. Just great. The Jews who did this should spend the rest of their lives in prison.

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At 9:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Jews who did this should spend the rest of their lives in prison."

No. They should each be dispatched with a bullet to the brain.

At 10:52 PM, Blogger Juniper in the Desert said...

Send them to Gitmo for colluding with the enemy


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