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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Panetta: You've lost what?

US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said on Friday that the United States has lost track of 'some' Syrian chemical weapons. How many? They're not saying. And no one knows whether the weapons are in the control of Syrian rebels, Iranians in the country helping the pro-Assad forces or someone else (Hat Tip: Sunlight).
“There has been intelligence that there have been some moves that have taken place. Where exactly that’s taken place, we don’t know.” Panetta said, in a Pentagon press briefing.

Panetta said that the “main sites” in Syria storing chemical weapons with which the Pentagon is most concerned remain secured by the Syrian military. But there is “some intelligence” that “limited” movements of weapons from other sites have occurred, he said, “for the Syrians to better secure what they – the chemicals.”

Panetta's statement follows reporting that Syrian rebels claim to have taken control of a military base that contains chemical weapons.

“But with regards to the movement of some of this and whether or not they’ve been able to locate some of it,” he said of U.S. intelligence, “we just don’t know.”

Following the briefing, Pentagon officials sought to clarify the extent of their grasp on the status of Syria's stockpiles. "We've never had perfect visibility into the Syrian chemical weapons stockpile, but we have excellent information that accounts for most of it," said a senior defense offiical, speaking on background. "We've seen it move, and we've been able to make an assessment as to why it's been moved.  This is a highly distributed network of chemical weapons sites, and we have a good grasp of what's going on inside that network."
What could go wrong? Well, that's not the end of it. It seems there's a lot about Mr. Panetta that we didn't know. Until now.

Here's Trevor Loudon addressing an enthusiastic crowd at the 2012 Gathering of the Eagles crowd event in Turner, OR. Trevor is a libertarian activist and political researcher from Christchurch, New Zealand and is founder and editor of KeyWiki.org, a rapidly growing website with the goal of unlocking the covert side of U.S. and Global politics. He is the author of "Barack Obama and the Enemies Within". "Trevor Loudon does the job that few in the media ever even attempt. This eye-opening book is proof that one person really can make a difference, especially when they have no agenda other than finding the truth." ~ Glenn Beck, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author and Founder of GBTV.

Trevor Loudon has an awful lot to tell us about Leon Panetta, Barack Obama and the Communist party. 

Let's go to the videotape (Hat Tip: Maggie's Notebook).

Details on the Shanghai Cooperation Organization are here.

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At 5:08 AM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

As long as they only use them on one another, so what? But in so far as Israelis may be harmed the only stance is one of the strongest possible deterrence while there is still some functioning entity that actually understands deterrence. Israel must draw another line that says an attack on Israel by chemical weapons will be by definition an attack by Syria and will be met in kind with WMD.


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