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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ken Timmerman for Congress in Maryland 8

I'd like to share with you an endorsement I received for Ken Timmerman in Maryland's 8th Congressional District.

Let's go to the videotape.

And here's some more information that was sent to me via email:
Ken is challenging Chris Van Hollen Junior. A few months ago, few knew Chris Van Hollen is a Junior. Now? Even ancestry.com knows Van Hollen is a Junior. Chris Van Hollem Junior is in the spotlight because of his seat on the Budget Committee which Romney running mate Paul Ryan sits on. Junior is Biden's debate coach because of Junior's position. It almost seems incredulous that in the 9 years Van Hollen has been a Congressman, no one, colleagues and foes, did not know this fact.

Ken is polling well in the newly redistricted Maryland District 8. The lack of media attention to this race has been incredible. Politico rated the Top Ten Races. This was not one of them. Respecting Junior is the third leg of the Democratic three legged leadership stool, this race should be written about. That Sheldon Adelson has not responded to contact query about this race, is shocking. One would think that Adelson who is spending his billions he says in defense of Israel would be all over Ken creating a PAC as Adelson has created for Shmuley Boteach the celebrity rabbi running against Pacrell in NJ. Boteach reached out to Team Timmerman when he learned of the Islamic concerns in his constituent community he is running to represent. 

The media is getting on board. ABC is now calling CHRIS - VAN HOLLEN JUNIOR!!! Ken is winning with babysteps and smarts... The win this election must not be ONLY about Mr Romney winning BUT also about neutering Nancy Pelosi- getting Chris Van Hollen Junior the wobbly leg of the three legged Obama/Pelosi/Van Hollen Junior stool knocked out too.
There's much, much more, but I haven't had time to go through it all since Yom Kippur ended. Let's just say that Timmerman seems solidly pro-Israel and that Van Hollen's college-age daughter spent last year in Ramallah....

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