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Monday, September 24, 2012

Germany considering Hebzullah ban

Germany is looking into whether grounds exist to ban Hezbullah in the European Union.
A spokesman for Germany's foreign ministry told The Jerusalem Post on Monday that the Federal Republic was examining whether the criteria exist to outlaw the Iran-sponsored Hezbollah within the 27-member European Union.
The spokesman's comment appears to be the first public acknowledgement that Germany is contemplating a move to ban the Islamist group.
"We are examining very carefully at this time in the EU the preconditions which could lead to a listing of Hezbollah as a terror group," the spokesman wrote.
"We take very seriously the concerns of our Israeli partner over possible activities of Hezbollah in Europe. That affects also the questions of the financing of Hezbollah and the possible involvement in worldwide narcotics trade."
 How about if they start with banning Hezbullah in Germany? And by the way, how about stopping trade with Iran while they're at it. 

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